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Welcome to the Hammarskjold Media Center


The Hammarskjold Media Center provides instruction, experiences, and skills to make students and staff independent, effective and discriminating users of information.

Hours of Operation


Mon, Fri - 7:55am- 2:50pm

Tues-Thurs - 7:55 am- 3:40pm

  • Media Specialist

    • Lenore Catalano (Ms. Cat)

  • Secretary

    • Kim Pace

  • Aide

    • Kelly Loftus

  • Phone: 732-613-6898

  • Fax: 732-353-0939

Using the Media Center

During Recess (everyday)


You are allowed to come to the Media Center during recess if it is your day to do so. There is a limit of 50 students that can come down to the Media Center each day during recess.  You will be escorted by a teacher/aide from the cafeteria.

During this time you can find a new book, read, get help from the Media Center staff, do research, etc.  Please keep in mind that there may be classes going on in the Media Center and that you should plan on working quietly while you are there.

During the Day (everyday)

A signed agenda pass is required to come to the Media Center unless your teacher/class is coming down to the Media Center with you.


Circulation Policies:


Book Checkout:

A Student ID is needed in order to checkout a book. Two books are allowed per student for a two week period. 



Books may be renewed twice, but renewals must be done in person and the book brought to the desk at time of renewal. 


Lost/Damaged Books & Fines:

If a book is 2 weeks or more overdue, there will be a fine posted on parent connect for the entire cost of the book as the system will assume you have lost it.  If you return or renew the book, the fine is removed.

Lost or Damaged books will require payment of the cost of the book or a replacement of the exact book.

To pay for any fines, please go to and login to your Community Pass account

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